Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Polaroid Supercolor 635CL

I got a nice haul of Polaroid cameras at a church sale Friday.  The nicest was this Polaroid 635 CL.  It still had the original box and appears to have only been lightly used.  When tested with a empty film cartridge the camera fires up.  So I imagine the odds are pretty good that it works.  Although I am not tempted to buy some new film to find out more.  Instead this is one of the rare cameras that I will post on Ebay quickly.  They usually sell pretty well and it helps fund my film camera habit. With the Impossible Project now selling 600 film the market for 600 film cameras seems to be improving.  Any of the versions with the rainbow stripe seem especially popular.

For a camera that doesn't look very tough these 600 cameras appear to be quite durable.  Out of all the ones I have picked up in the last couple years, I have only found one that didn't work.  The Polaroid Supercolor 635 CL was introduced in 1986, and appears to be still functioning almost thirty years later.

The big deal about the Polaroid 635 CL was that it had a computer that measured light and then came up with a combination of natural light and flash that would give a good exposure.  Otherwise the camera seems to be a typical Polaroid 600 camera.  The 635 CL also has a built-in close-up lens which not all of these cameras had. With the close-up lens you can focus to 2 feet.  Otherwise the minimum distance is four feet.

This Polaroid 635 CL came with its original box and instructions. In the box was a photo that was most likely taken with this camera.