Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kuribayashi C.C. Petri Orikkor 50mm f/2

The Petri Penta, first made in 1959, was the first in a series of Petri SLRs. Unlike later cameras in the series the Penta used the M42 lens mount. And that is the mount that the Petri Orikkor f/2 uses.  I was pleased to see that I could give this lens a quick digital try-out using my M42 adapter.

The Petri Orikkor f/2 seems to be another of those lenses that has some mystery about exactly who made it.  Normally the Orikkor lenses were made for Petri by Kyoei.  However it seems that the design and quality of this lens is seen by many as not likely to have originated with Kyoei.  Putting the issues of origins aside the quality of the build and design of the Orikkor is surprising high.  The lens has a 7 element 4 group optical layout.  The Orikkor f/2 is also unusual in that it has a cemented triplet in its rear element. If you are interested in a more complete discussion of the Orikkor f/2 than you will find it here.

I have to admit that I was surprised to find that the Orikkor is such an good performer.  I saw it on the fairly humble Petri Penta and on a whim decided to check it out with my digital adapter.  When the results much exceeded my expectations I went online and found the info above. One of the fun things about these old M42 lenses is that it is possible to find some gems that I wasn't aware of before.