Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Agfa Silette, Aires Viscount, and Argoflex 75

I am back to going through my scanned negatives from last year.  I am picking out one image for each camera - an image that I haven't posted before.

The first one is from one of my favorite 1950's zone focusing cameras, the Agfa Silette.  I did a post on the Agfa Silette a short time ago. The film is Fuji 200.

I posted about the Aires Viscount back in January.  Unfortunately, the focusing ring is broke in my Viscount, however it is stuck at a distance which with the right aperture does make it usable for some shots.  Hopefully I will get the around to fixing the Aires Viscount this year.  The film is HP5 in Extol.

The last photo is from the Argoflex 75.  I haven't written anything about this camera and haven't used it much.  It is made for 620 film, however I did manage to fit a 120 roll into it.  It worked okay, however it got pretty hard to wind by the end of the roll.  The Argoflex 75 is one of the pseudo TLRs that were popular in the 1950's.  Made by the famous Argus Company, it is fixed focus with two shutter speeds, instant and time, and one aperture(f/11).  It seems like a decent enough picture taker for what it is.  And it is solidly built with a fairly bright viewfinder. The film here was Arista.Edu 100.