Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spartus Rocket Camera

The Spartus Rocket comes from the early Space Age. Made in 1961 it sold for $4.75 ($37.08 today). I got this one at an antique shop Saturday. Aside from a small chip it is in good shape. The handle which is often broken in cameras of this type looks brand new. The Spartus Rocket uses 127 film. Up until the later 1960's when Kodak Instamatic's came along 127 film was very popular for consumer level cameras. The negative was a little bigger than 135, however it still allowed for a fairly compact camera. The 127 image size was especially popuar for slides. I think the Rocket is one of the nicer looking designs for this type of camera. From just playing around with pushing the shutter and using the viewfinder it seem like a handy camera. Like most cameras of this type there isn't anything to adjust. There is one shutter speed and the focus is fixed. It is point & shoot in its purest form. 

I have read that a company named Maco will still be making 127 film. Also there are various companies that sell 127 that has been cut down from 120 film. Usually this film is fairly expensive.  Probably more than I am inclined to pay to shoot the Spartus Rocket. Still it is a nice display camera. It would fit well into many early 1960's themes.

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