Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue Deluxe 35mm Compact Camera

I suppose that I have a belief that every camera should have its day in the sun.  I would guess that the Blue Deluxe 35mm Compact Camera hasn't had many of them.  I picked this camera up at a garage sale last summer.  Its design did stand out from the other cheap plastic cameras, which seem to be trying to imitate whatever more upscale point and shoots are out at the time of their conception. I don't have any idea what the inspiration for the design of the Blue Deluxe was.  I think its appearance is fairly unique.  As far as capabilities go it is the same as other cameras of its type.  One shutter speed, probably 1/125, and one aperture which looks like f/8. The lens is very soft, lacking even much sharpness at the center. 

In honor of recently deceased film critic, Roger Ebert, the Blue Deluxe took a picture of the Cinema Theater in Urbana IL.  The Cinema was named the Princess until 1967, and was the place where Ebert often saw movies while growing up in Urbana in the 1950's.

There really isn't much more I can say about the Blue Deluxe.  It was kind of a fun camera to use and I like the pictures it makes.  I imagine that for as long as it continues to work I will run a roll or two of film through it every year.  I did make a Blue Deluxe Gallary.