Monday, April 29, 2013

Photos from the Ferrania Condor I

I got the shutter working on the Condor I that I wrote about last week. So I loaded a short roll of HP5 to test the Condor I.  I shoot the scene above often when I am testing cameras. Still this image did jump out at me.  The detail in the corn crib and on the young leaves on the sugar maple is probably more striking when the image is larger than the one here.  It looks like the lens on the Condor I is capable of good work.

The rangefinder remains a problem with the Condor I, however it is still very usable as a guess the distance camera.  I used HP5 developed in Rodinal here.  Probably not the optimal developer for HP5 as far as grain goes. Still at the moment I think the Condor I has a lot of potential.