Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yashica Auto Yashinon-DX 50mm f1.7

The Yashica Auto Yashinon DX 50mm f/1.7 lens was the standard lens for cameras like the Yashica TL Super.  It was made in the 1960s. The image here is actually of the DS version of the lens.  The DS was a later version. The lens design is the same, however the DS version lacks an auto/manual switch and at least in my opinion isn't as nicely made.  Both lenses are single-coated.  The last version of this lens is the DS-M.  It is the same as the DS except that it is multi-coated. I scanned a booklet I have with all the Auto Yashinon lenses offered by Yashica in the mid-70's.  You can see it in my Google Docs.

Here is what the lens looks like on the camera that it came with.  The images here were made with a Canon digital SLR using an M42 adapter.  I started out doing that when testing these lenses and have stuck with it since it gives me a consistent basis for comparison. I tend to think that these Auto Yashinon standard lenses are one of the great bargains in lenses.  Usually you can pick one up on Ebay for between $20 and $30. 

The images below are all with the lens at f/1.7.