Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Polariod Spectra System

Until I started seeking out cameras at garage sales, thrift shops etc. I had never heard of the Polaroid Spectra System.  I was aware of the 600, and SX70 cameras, but couldn't remember ever seeing a Spectra camera back in the old days. I still don't see that many of them, however when I do they are usually cheap.  So that got me into checking to see if there is still a way to take pictures with one.  What I found is that new film can be had from the Impossible Project .  Also there is still some expired Polaroid film out there, however it is usually expensive and getting way past its expiration date.

So after finding that the Spectra System camera can still be used I wondered if there is any demand for them.  What I found is that while some people are using the Spectra cameras they appear to be much less popular than the 600 and SX70 type cameras.  In a way that seems like a shame since the Spectra cameras seem like a better camera.  Especially better than the consumer type 600 cameras.  On the other hand the 600 cameras do seem to have more personality, whereas the Spectra cameras appear to be designed not to draw attention.

The reviews I read of the Spectra System cameras were all favorable.  The auto focus is said to be very accurate.  There is a reading telling you how far the focus is set.  The exposure system is also said to be very good.  One guy claims that he has never had an image be over or underexposed.  Considering how expensive film for these cameras is that is a good selling point. The lens and the build quality of these cameras is also supposed to be pretty good.  I can not from experience say anything about the lens, however I can say that these do seem to be a much more solid camera than most of the 600 types.

So if you are just into giving yourself the best odds of getting the image you are aiming for than the Spectra System is worth some thought.