Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yashica FX-2

Thought this camera might be a good place to restart this blog.  I was at the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County Indiana last week and bought this Yashica FX-2 for $9.  I happily would have paid that much just for the Yashica ML 50 1:1.7 lens.  Last fall I bought a Yashica FX-3 Super from the same dealer.  I liked the camera, however it came with a rather large lens, and for a while I looked for a standard lens to replace it.  By the time I saw this camera and lens I had forgotten about that search.  So I was glad to see the lens I wanted along with another Yashica camera to add to my collection.

The Yashica FX-2 was first made in 1976.  It is the second in a line of cameras that came about as the result of a partnership between Yashica and Zeiss.   As a result the FX-2 uses the Y/C bayonet mount.  This means that it can use both many excellent Yashica lenses along with the highly regarded Contax Y/C lenses. The Yashica ML 50mm 1:1.7 is highly regarded by some and seen as ordinary by others.  So far I have no actual experience with the lens, however based on previous experience with Yashica lenses I would expect it to be pretty good.  I have heard that the mixed experience that many have with some of these economy lenses of good design may have to do with quality control.  Having a lens checked out thoroughly is expensive so probably more clunkers get out the door in the economy lines then with the more thoroughly checked upscale lines.

As far as the FX-2 goes it is a typical of the all-mechanical cameras of its time.  The shutter speeds go from 1 to 1/1000 along with B.  There is a button for a depth of field preview.  Other than for the meter no battery is needed.  Unfortunately, the battery that is needed is one of the no longer made mercury batteries.  So when I use this camera it will likely be with a hand-held meter.  Still the first use this purchase will get will be when I put the lens on the FX-3 Super.  That camera uses modern batteries, and when I used it last I remember that the meter worked very well. 

I does seem like my purchases and use of film cameras has fallen off in the past few months.  I think that may be partly as a result of having reached the point where I have more cameras than I can find a place or use for.  At least right now all my camera drawers are full and many cameras are taking up space in places that I'd rather use for other things.  So that definitely has put a slow-down on my desire to add to the pile.  The FX-2 was too much of a good deal to pass up.  And with my liking for all things Yashica it will probably still be around when I thin the herd.