Monday, January 13, 2014

First Post of the New Year

My posting certainly has fallen off in the last few months.  The main reason is, at least for now, I have reached the end of my gear acquisition phase. I think most of us do this when we are returning to film.  For me I saw all these cameras that I had never been able to try before selling so cheaply.  I think I wanted one of everything.  Well, it didn't get that bad, however I did end up with a lot of cameras.  And the process of learning about each new camera gave me a lot to write about.  Now while there are still a few cameras that I would like to have I don't feel an urgent need.  I am feeling now like I can remain satisfied for a long while with the cameras I already have on hand. 

I did just recently develop some Arista 100 that I took with an Olympus 35 RC.  I shot this roll to test the auto exposure on the 35 RC.  I continue to be pleased with the performance of the 35 RC.  It is hard to beat for an easy to take with me camera.  Although I find that the Olympus XA is even more pocket-able and achieves an image of similar quality.

One thing I did learn from all the cameras that I have tested is to value the compact rangefinders from the 1970's and early 1980's.  I came to photography at a time when the SLR was starting to dominate and never gave much thought to the rangefinders.  I am glad that at this late date I have finally come to appreciate these smaller cameras that are often much easier to take along then the smallest of SLRs. I think having one of these compact rangefinders is now an essential part of my photography toolkit.

I do hope that every bodies New Year is off to a good start. I leave you with a couple more from the Olympus 35 RC.