Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mikona MV-828

I saw this Mikona MV-828 sitting on this shelf in a local antique shop for at least two years.  A few months back I was there while everything was half-price, and feeling sorry for the camera I bought it.  Now I would like to say that this story ends in my having found an unexpected jewel. 

Well, if not a jewel than I am offering the rare opportunity to see some photos taken with a Mikona MV-828.  My guess is that this may be the only time in 2014 that photos made by this camera will be posted.  And if not I am fairly certain that this will be the only blog post about the Mikona MV-828. 

You can learn all you need to know about the Mikona MV-828 from looking at the picture at the top.  It doesn't have any features that you need a manual to learn about.  It does seem that the makers of the Mikona MV-828 took their claim for being a focus free camera seriously.  The lens consistently remains free of focus from the center to the edges.  This particular camera also suffers from light leaks and flare. 

I admit that I like the first two images.  For me the softness, the glow of the snow, and the leaks add something to the images.  I probably will at some time put some expired color film in the Mikona MV-828 to see what will happen.  Still I don't think I will start calling myself a lomographer.