Friday, March 30, 2012

Cortland CX-7 in Color

Since my earlier post on the Cortland CX-7 has turned out to be one of my most popular camera posts I decided to show some color images from that camera.  I just got these this week.  It is the first time that I have used color film with the Cortland CX-7.  The film seemed to pass through normally.  I didn't have the problems with advancing the film that I had with earlier rolls.  However when I got the film back one roll was returned uncut.  Right away I suspected it was the roll from the CX-7.  When I looked at the negatives I could see that there were problems with spacing.  So that is why they were left uncut. The images didn't run together much.  They just tended not to have any space between them.

That reminds me I would like to digress and recommend that you check out Sharp Photo if you are looking for a place to mail your film off to.  For me at least they have done a good job and their prices are reasonable.  Also my experience has been that they do well with the occasional odd occurrence like my poorly spaced roll of film.

Now back to the CX-7.

Pretty much the traditional lo-fi photo. Once again the Cortland CX-7 does not disappoint.

I used Fujicolor 200.  Like I mentioned before the aperture on the Cortland becomes a narrow slit instead of a smaller circle at the smaller apertures which I believe accounts for the vignetting.

This strip of orangish light also appears in some of the images.

If you are interested in seeing more here is the Cortland CX-7 in Color Gallery.

If you read my post on Wednesday about Frank Sadorus you might be interested in looking at this online book, A visit to the Illinois Eastern Hospital . This is where Frank Sadorus spent almost two decades.  There isn't a lot of information about the hospital, however there are a lot of images.  At least in the book it doesn't look like an unpleasant place.


  1. That is some MASSIVE vignetting.

    1. This camera vignettes more at the smaller apertures than any 35mm that I have used. It is the closest to a Holga in that way than any 35mm in my experience.