Friday, March 9, 2012

Little Sure Shot

I would be surprised if when this photo was taken in the 1940's if the name Annie Oakley didn't come up.

The above is the most striking of my most recent scans of some old negatives I found in some film canisters.  Again they seem to be from the 1940's.  The focus mostly on the children in the family.  These negatives were probably the dirtiest so far.  Still it wasn't hard cleaning them up in Photoshop. As much as I like the film days I have to admit that Photoshop makes photo restoration a lot easier. 

Looks like the start of a school trip.  On another picture I was able to see on the side of the bus, District 47. That is the Crystal Lake school district in present day Illinois. So its possible that is where this family lived at the time.

I think I have mentioned before that these negatives have certainly shown the advantage that film may have for archives.  These negatives are 70 years old and while having been stored with no special care they are still able to produce decent images.  There was no need to move them around on a digital storage media or to convert them to a newer image format.  No concern about if somebody would even be able to read the format in the future.  With film once an image is made especially with black & white film, it should with reasonable care be able to last at least the lifetime of the photographer.

I added a new gallery for these images with the imaginative name of Found Film 2.

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