Monday, April 30, 2012

Kentmere 400

I have been looking for a cheap black & white film to replace the Legacy Pro films which are no longer available.  I'd like to find something that works well with Rodinal or HC-110 since I like those one-shot developers.  I just tried my first roll of Kentmere 400 and I think it has potential.  I used HC-110 dilution B at 68 for 7 minutes. 

I'm pretty pleased with the results from this first roll.  If I get similar results from the next roll this may be my new day-to-day B&W film.  I took the pictures with a Yashica Electro GSN. 

Kentmere is owned by the company that makes Ilford films.  There has been much speculation about what the source of this film is, however Ilford says it is a new emulsion and not a rebranded version of one of their existing films. Whatever the source it is one of the less expensive films out there.  Right now it is selling for a little less than $30 for a 100 feet at B&H. 

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  1. I just looked it up on B&H and it's $2.95 a roll -- not bad. (I don't roll my own!)