Friday, May 4, 2012

Canon EOS 650

The specifications for the EOS 650 are available at the Canon Camera Museum. Canon does a great job with providing historical information about the cameras they have made.

Introduced in 1987 the Canon EOS 650 was Canon's first auto-focus SLR.  It also introduced the EF lens mount.  Unfortunately the EF mount was not compatible with Canon's earlier lens systems.  That made a lot of people unhappy at the time.  Today it makes excellent older Canon lenses much less expensive than they would be if they could be used on current Canons.  If you want to read about all the firsts for the EOS 650 the topic is covered well here.

I got this camera because I wanted to try an auto-focus slr. From what I read the EOS 650 was a camera that had the features I wanted without being cluttered with a lot of other stuff.  Also over time they seem to have proven to be fairly durable so the odds of getting one the worked well were good.  Lastly the bodies are very cheap.  It is pretty easy to find one for less than $20.  So they are a good deal if you already have some full frame EF lenses that you have been using with your digital cameras.

I have had the EOS 650 for about a year and so far it has performed flawlessly.  If you have used any of the Canon digital SLRs than its operation should be familiar to you since this camera pioneered many of the features that are still used in the cameras of today.  I suppose the best thing I can say about this camera is it is one of the film cameras that I pick up and use fairly often.  I think the EOS 650 would be a particularly good choice if up to now you have only been using digital Canons and would like to expand your creativity into film.

Canon EOS 650 Gallery

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