Friday, May 11, 2012

Content Aware Fill Solves a Problem

I haven't used Content Aware Fill in Photoshop for a while, however it came in handy for an image I was working on the other evening.  I saw these furrows in a field curving toward a interesting looking cloud.  The problem was it was difficult to get the shot I wanted without having my shadow in it.  I thought I was close until I loaded the images.

I saw that I would like to have a little more on the cloud side.

This is where Content Aware Fill came in handy.

I expanded the canvas on the image.

Then I selected the white area and ran content aware fill.

This is the result I got after a little work with the clone brush. 

If you don't have PhotoShop CS5 the Gimp has a plugin called Resynthesizer
which can do the job.  I remember having used it in Gimp several years ago and found the results to be quite good.  And of course the Gimp is a free program. 


  1. That is awesome, and I'll never trust a photograph as proof of anything again. :)

    1. It is amazing the changes that can be made to photos. I didn't feel bad about this one since that is what it would have looked like if I had been able to get more to the right of the cloud. Another thing I could have done is not to have worried about my shadow and then replaced it with content aware fill. That actually would have been simpler, however I wasn't thinking about Photoshop when I took the photo.