Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alka Box Camera

Made by Vredeborch in Germany starting in 1953, the Alka Box is one of my favorite box cameras as far as looks goes.  That it uses easy to find 120 film is another point in its favor.  Also unlike many of the box cameras of its type the viewfinder on the Alka Box is fairly helpful. The Alka Box is a well-made all metal camera. Technically the camera is simple with one shutter speed, one aperture, and no flash synch.  It uses a single fixed meniscus lens.  The image format is 6x9 cm.

I was surprised to realize that I have only taken pictures with this camera once.  So I have just recently ran a roll of Ektar through it.  However I haven't sent the roll in yet.  So the only results I have today are from a roll of Arista.edu 100 that I took about a year ago.