Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Going through this years photos.

I decided that I am going to go through the film images I have taken in the last year or so and pick one from each camera that I hadn't posted before.  With most of these cameras I have already been through the pictures and picked out ones I liked to make a gallery or to post here. So I am working mostly with left-overs.  Hopefully I will find some images that I over-looked the first time.

Taken with Agfa Clack on Arista.edu developed with Rodinal

One thing that surprised me is that I have not made a post or gallery for the Agfa Clack. I have posted several images from the Clack on Flickr.  So maybe the Clack will be the subject of a future post.

Taken with Afga Isomat Rapid on Legacy Pro 100 developed with Rodinal

I wrote about the Afga Isomat Rapid last year. The Isomat is one of the few 35mm cameras that makes square format images.  I haven't used the Isomat in over a year.  I do however have a roll of Kodak Gold 100 that I have been planning on loading into a Rapid Cassette.  Hopefully I will get around to that once the weather warms up.

Taken with Agfa PB20 Plenax on T-Max developed in Xtol

I have also written about he Agfa Plenax earlier. My main activity lately with this camera has been attempting to convert it to use 120 film.  I have been doing this because I like this camera fairly well and would like to be able to use it without re-spooling 120.