Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Images from Yashica Samurai

I wanted to test the Samurai that I got recently to make sure that it worked while I was within the time range to return it.  The weather here hasn't been ideal for taking pictures, however I did manage to run some Arista.Edu 400 through it.  The camera was surprisingly easy to use once I got used to it.  The viewfinder is fairly large and bright.  And being an SLR the view though the viewfinder is pretty much what you will get in the image.  It is easy to adjust the zoom and shot the picture without taking your eye off the viewfinder.  The auto-focus is pretty fast.  Overall the I found the Samurai to be pleasant to use.  The pictures also satisfied me at least.  Here is the gallery

For anyone that is interested I plan to make posts on Monday,Wednesday, and Friday from now on.  I wanted to start off posting daily to help me get a feel for doing a blog.  Now that I have done a few posts three days a week seems like the best fit for me.


  1. Nice contrasty images. The camera looks big and clunky, though -- how was it in your hands?

    1. I was actually surprised that it fit in my hands pretty well. One hand can hold the camera, press the shutter and use the zoom. The other hand can steady the camera, however it would be possible to use it with just one hand.