Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meikai 4353 SSN

The Meikai 4353 SSN is one of the most commonly found of the cheap plastic cameras of the 1980's.

Pretty much as far as functionality goes this is the same camera as the Cortland CX-7 that I talked about Monday. The main difference is that at times the film advance in the Meikai is even more erratic than the Cortland.  The two images below are examples.

I kinda like the effect, however it is something unpredictable. It does seem to happen more often after the first few pictures have been taken and maybe the winder is getting tired. It gets particularly noticeable once you get past the limits of the film counter and the film advance continues to work.  

When it is not making images in slices the Meikai can make decent lo-fi images.

In its normal mode the Meikai has reliable vignetting and light leaks at the edges.

 Here is the Meikai 4353 SSN Gallery.

The name Meikai appears on one of the early cheap 35mm cameras which were trying to look like a more expensive camera.  I found some info about a Meikai EL that was first made in 1963.

Here is some interesting information on what the site's author calls Junk Cameras.

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