Monday, February 13, 2012

Is this the Last Camera I Will Buy?

Yashica Samurai 4.0

The Yashica Samurai may be one of the oddest looking still cameras ever made.  Apparently it was trying to improve on usability by adopting the design of the compact video cameras of the late 80's.  The camera is a fully automatic SLR.  The main attraction of this camera for me is that it is a half-frame.  For no rational reason I have some attraction to that format. I also tend to like things associated with Yashica.  So while it may be hard to anyone with good taste to understand this camera was on my list. 

There seem to be a lot of Samurai 3.0 listed on Ebay.  Still when I watch an  auction they end up being more than I want to pay.  However last week there was a listing for a Samurai 4.0 for a reasonable price.  And I actually preferred to get the 4.0 because while being larger that the 3.0, it has a larger zoom.  So I entered a bid for the most I would pay expecting that I would be outbid.  So I was surprised when I did win the camera.  I received the camera Friday and it appears to be in great shape and has a working battery.  I ran some film through it over the weekend that I will develop soon.

Still the Samurai was the last on the list of cameras that I felt the urge to get.  At least the last that I could reasonably afford. So for now my G.A.S.( Gadget Acquisition Syndrome) may be in remission. Now if I happen to be somewhere and see something nice for a bargain price it might be a different story.

More about the Yashica Samurai 4.0

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