Friday, August 10, 2012

A Bentley and a Lexxus

I can only speculate on the the rational for naming these cameras.  It probably would be fascinating to talk to someone who was involved in the actual naming.

Both cameras were likely give-a-ways or very cheaply sold cameras during the 1980's.  The Lexxus has the feature of a sliding lens cover.  The Bentley has three choices in aperture setting.  The Bentley also likely has some lead added for extra weight because it is much heavier than a plastic camera should be.

My favorite photo from the only roll of film that I have taken with the Bentley. 

The Lexxus's rendering of an old fuel pump.

The Bentley and the Lexxus fall into the category of cameras that I have only taken a few pictures with.  And it is highly likely that I will not take pictures with either again.  Still at least they deserve a little place in the sun, so I made a Toy Camera Gallery for photos for these two and some other cameras that fall into the same catergory. Hopefully I will add more cameras when I get the inclination.