Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Images from the Forties

If you have looked here over the past few months you may have already seen the galleries I made with some negatives I found in old film containers.  My best guess is that this was from a family centered around Saint Joseph, Illinois. And were mostly taken during the 1940's.  Here are some of the other galleries:

Found Negatives
Found Film 2
A 1940's Visit to the Country
Family Reunion at Crystal Lake Park

This roll of negatives is all of people. Some of whom you may have seen before in other galleries, and at least one new family member.

When I first saw this image the word, "King Baby" popped into my head.

Notice the women reflected in the mirror.  I was hoping that I might also be able to see the photographer in the reflection, however I could not.  Still don't know what camera was used for these pictures. 

This couple and the child have been other rolls of film. Until now I had thought thin ties were the fashion of the Forties.

I don't mean to be unkind, however my first thought about this image is that she reminds me of Margaret Hamilton from the Wizard of Oz.

Lastly, here is a man who makes some appearances on other rolls.  He appears to be in the Army Air Forces. I talked some about him in an earlier post.

So far I have scanned maybe ten rolls of film for the images in the various galleries.  And while they all have been very curled, along with dust spots and scratches, they again show films value for the long-term storing of images.