Friday, August 24, 2012

Circular Polarizer and more Holga HL-C

A couple of days ago there were some nice clouds which have been rare this summer. To make the clouds stand out more I used a circular polarizing filter. 

If you don't know about polarizing filters The Luminous Landscape has a good section about polarizing filters.  If you do much landscape photography a polarizing filter is very helpful.

Here along with helping with the clouds I think the polarizer also helps with the color saturation. 

In the post on Tuesday  I forgot to mention that most of the time I use the fish-eye attachment with the Holga HL-C when using a camera that is not full-frame. With the smaller sensor there is no fish-eye effect, however there is an amount of distortion that I like. 

An example of using the fish-eye attachment with an APS sensor.

That's all for today.