Thursday, November 15, 2012

Universal Camera Corp.Meteor

When I saw a photo of this camera it went on my mental list for camera acquisition. Maybe the most unusual thing about this camera is that it has a square aperture. The aperture sizes are 11, 18, 22, and 32.  The shutter speed is 1/30. There also is a time setting. The lens will telescope into the camera to make it somewhat more compact when being carried. The photo here is with the lens retracted.

This is another camera that I have mostly because of the way it looks.  I have only once gone to the trouble of making 620 film for it. Besides its looks, the Meteor is a solidly made camera.  It was sold for $15 back in 1949.  Like with a lot of cameras of this type it is hard to find the exact dates for when it was made.  Some said it was as early as 1947 while others said 1949.  Probably it stopped being made in the early 1950's since Universal Camera Corp. was having serious financial trouble by then.

One of the few photos I have taken with the meteor. At least for me there was nothing so interesting about the picture taking results that made me want to go to the trouble of making 620 film for it.

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