Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pentax Spotmatic F

The Pentax Spotmatic F is the last of the famous Spotmatic series.  It also was the first in the series to have open-aperture metering.  I found the one in the photo in an antique shop back in January for $17.  It is in great shape.  I am getting to where I am leaning toward only getting cameras that I see in person. While I have had good experiences most of the time getting cameras off places like Ebay, being able to examine the camera in person has increasing appeal for me. Also in a way it seems more fun to see what I can discover by chance rather than going online where I can find almost anything. I think that my finding of so many Pentax cameras locally in the past year has helped with this choice.

Other then the metering in usage the Spotmatic F is pretty much the same as the other Spotmatics. And to me at least the Spotmatic is one of the most pleasant cameras to handle and use.  I believe it is one of the cameras that anyone who is into photography should experience at least once.

 Details of the Pentax Spotmatic F
Pentax Spotmatic F SLR Completely Disassembled and Laid Out

Images with the SMC Takumar 1:1.8/55mm lens on HP5