Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sawyers Nomad 127

Sawyers is most most famous as the maker of the Viewmaster.  In 1957 they made at least a couple of cameras: the Sawyers Nomad 127 and the Sawyers Nomad 620. Both of the Nomads are the same in features, differing only in the film size that they use.  The 127 pictured here obviously uses 127 film.  Fortunately or maybe unfortunately if you are offended by sprocket holes, the Nomad 127 has a large enough film chamber to accommodate a 35mm cartridge. The Nomad took 8 4 x 6.5 cm images when using 127 film.  So it gives a pretty wide image on 35.  The camera is very simple.  Just one aperture f/8, and a shutter speed of probably 1/60. 

I do have the Sawyers Nomad 127 mostly because of its 1950's looks.  Still it was fun to let it make some pictures again.

If you hate the sprocket holes on some images it is easy to use content aware fill in Photoshop to get rid of them.