Sunday, January 15, 2012

Canon SURE SHOT Zoom 85/Date Camera and Found Film

I got this camera at a garage sale last summer for $1.  It had a working battery and a roll of film in it.  I am often curious about the kinds of photos that people leave in their cameras.  So I took the last few shots and sent the film to be developed.  The only real interesting photo was this one:

Maybe this photo could activate a macabre imagination

Overall the Sureshot 85 seems like a competent if not exceptional picture taker. I made a SureShot 85 Zoom Gallery

It you would like to know more about the camera there is a lot of information here .


  1. I'm always so intrigued by found film that I'll buy a camera I don't want (if the price is right) if it contains film just because I'm curious what might develop!

    1. Jim, it always kinda amazes me that people leave film in cameras. My most interesting find was from a camera I bought from the Ukraine. I had been meaning to post a gallery of those images and this reminds me to do so.