Friday, January 27, 2012

Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

Aperture: f/11
Shutter:  1/125
Lens:     22mm fixed focus
Battery:  None

The Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim is one of the most famous lo-fi type cameras.  I find its very wide-angle lens with its tendency to vignette very appealing.  If you require corner to corner sharpness the Ultra Wide & Slim isn't the camera for you.  However if you do like the lo-fi look I have found the Ultra Wide & Slim to be one of the most best performers of any of the cameras of this type.  I uploaded a gallery for this camera today.
Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

There also is a Flickr Group.

The original Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim is long out of production, however it can still easily be found at places like Ebay.  Superheadz makes a newer version called the Slim Devil.  The Slim Devil comes in various colors.  Some people do agonize about paying around $30 for a camera of this type.