Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Found Film from the Ukraine

In May I bought a Smena 8M from a dealer in the Ukraine.  When I opened the back of the camera there was a re-loadable film cartridge with film in it. When I developed the film I got what were the most interesting found pictures that I have so far experienced. 

I am guessing these are photos from a visit to one of this young couples grandparents.  Maybe the grandparents are meeting their grandchild for the first time.  One commenter on my Flickr said that the clothing looked like the styles in the Ukraine in the mid-nineties.

If this is grandpa he doesn't appear to be very comfortable holding his grandchild.  I do wonder why the pictures were never developed and I imagine that may always remain a mystery to me.  Here is a gallery if you'd like to see more of these photos.
Found Film from the Ukraine

Here is the camera that took the photos.  I admit that I got it because it is red.

More information about the Smena 8M


  1. I love the photo of the man holding the baby. What a great scene!

    Best photos from found film I've experienced: Photos of a late-1960s family trip to Niagara Falls. http://blog.jimgrey.net/2011/06/27/kodak-brownie-hawkeye-flash-model/

  2. Jim, thanks for sharing your photos and for going to the effort to preserve them.

  3. I haven't had great found film, yet... :/ I have found multiple rolls of film, but the majority have been really poorly exposed images, or blank rolls of film..

    One day I hope to get some great film!

    I did find one roll that was from Sweden probably around the early 80's still in my K-1000... Nothing fancy to look at, but was interesting to see some horse and buggy photos...
    It was identified (locale) by a good friend's wife..

    1. These are by far and away the best ones that I have found. I did find some interesting negatives from the 1940's in some old film containers, however I didn't have to develop those.