Monday, January 16, 2012

Photography Fourteen Years Ago

I am looking at an issue for Popular Photography from February of 1998.  Film was still big then although digital was gaining a presence.

A review of the Kodak DC210 reports that the DC210 is the first under $1000 camera that Popular Photography has tested which can make a quality 4x6 print.  The review also praises the color accuracy of the DC210. 

Herbert Keppler notes the passing of the Pentax K1000.  He also looks at what some people claimed was a decline in the quality of the more recently made Pentax K1000 versions.  To find if there was any truth to these claims he had Popular Photography labs compare a new Pentax K1000 with one made over twenty years before.  What was found is that while there were some minor differences in materials, mainly some use of plastics in the newer version, that there was not a real difference in quality.  In 1998 you could buy a new K1000 body from B&H for $199.95.

A review of the Canon Elph Jr raves about the camera and hopes that Kodak will make its "wunderfilm", Gold Max 800, available in the APS format.  I don't know if that ever happened, however I do know that APS was a doomed format. From what I understand APS was aimed mostly at the amateur market and was killed by digital.

In the ads film still dominates.  All the major companies are offering a full-range of film cameras.  I don't think anyone knew at the time that very shortly digital would put all but a few film cameras out of production. I didn't see any ads for the Holga or Diana cameras that are a mainstay for places which still offer film cameras.  Here are some cameras offered:
Canon EOS 1N Pro Kit $1979.99
Canon Elan II Zoom Kit $439.99
Canon EOS Rebel G Kit $294.99
Minolta Maxxum 400SI Outfit $279.99
Minolta Maxxum 500SI Outfit $309.99
Minolta Maxxum 600SI Outfit $459.99
Nikon N50 Kit $339.99
Nikon N6006 Kit $414.99
Nikon N70 Kit 449.99
Nikon F5 Pro Kit $3799.99

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