Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Miranda Fv

Introduced: 1966
Shutter: Mechanically-controlled, horizontal-travel focal plane. Speeds 1/60 to 1/1000th of a second, plus B.
Lens: Auto Miranda 50mm f/1.9
Interchangeable viewfinder: Optional Waist-level finder, and two types of critical finders. 

I have thought for a while that Miranda made some nice looking cameras.  So when I saw this one in a antique store last Sunday for $10 I couldn't pass it up.  It is not in mint condition, however it does seem to function okay.  Some of the covering is coming off, although it appears that it can easily be reattached.  The shutter speeds seem accurate.  So at least I feel like I got my money's worth.

From what I can figure out the Miranda Fv is the Miranda F with the option added of a removable shutter speed dial which can be replaced by a cds meter.  There was a later version of this camera, the Miranda FvT, which offered an optional prism with a TTL meter. From what I have read neither of these meters were all that great.  The main problem being that they were very hard to read.  So it doesn't sound like one would be worth seeking out.  And every if I found one it uses a battery type that is no longer made.  Still I am perfectly happy using a hand-held meter with these cameras.

One of the most interesting things about the Miranda Fv is the interchangeable viewfinders. That's an option that usually isn't available on economically priced cameras.  There was a waist-level finder, a finder used for copying, and one used for microscopic work. Being able to remove the viewfinder should also make the camera easier to clean.

I just finished my first roll of film with the Miranda Fv and may have some results later in the week. With all the rain and tropical air of the past few days it hasn't been the best picture taking weather here. Still the cooler crisper days of fall can't be far away.