Monday, September 17, 2012

Polaroid One Step Rainbow and Vivitar PN2011

  • 1 element plastic lens with fixed aperture (103mm, f14.6)
  • 4ft minimum focus distance.
  • Exposure compensation dial around electric eye.
  • Uses SX-70 integral film.

There must have been a lot of the One Step Rainbows made since I see them at garage sales all the time.  I got this one over the weekend at a church sale where they were giving things away.  So I couldn't pass on a free camera.  This one came in a bag with the manual.  It is very clean and I think it would be a good bet to still work if I wanted to spend the money to get film for it.  I have to admit that I kinda like the way it looks. So right now it is just a looking at camera.

  • Fixed focus.
  • Manual film advance.
  • Aperture: f/8 .
  • Wide angle 28mm lens.
  • Shutter speed fixed at 1/125s.
  • Lens cover opens and closes via sliding switch.
  • Tripod socket.
  • No batteries required.

This one is a bit of a "cult camera".  Do a search and you'll find a fair amount of discussion.  The PN2011 reminds me some of the Vivitar UWS although its 28mm lens is not as wide as the 22mm that the UWS has. The PN2011 does beat the UWS in having the familiar fake panorama mode.

The Vivitar PN2011 has a useful wide-angle.  It is very light and easily fits in a shirt pocket. 

Sharpness is mostly a quality that you may often have to do without in the PN2011.  It doesn't seem to have the vignetting that frequently happens with the UWS.

This Vivitar EZ35 was in the box with the Vivitar PN2011.  It has a fairly normal 35mm lens.  I imagine it will be a while till I get around to seeing what kind of pictures it takes. 

So this week it was back to the cheap plastic cameras.  This entire haul cost $1.50.  It would have been only 50 cents, however I made a $1 donation to the church sale.