Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Polaroid I-Zone

I had no idea what these cameras were when I started occasionally seeing them at garage sales. I found out they were an instant camera introduced by Polaroid in 1999.  The I-Zone was simple to operate and made instant images the size of a 35mm negative.

Actually the I-Zone doesn't seem like a bad idea.  I imagine that it would especially appeal to kids.  The fixed focus is said to work best at 2 to 8 feet. So it would be good for taking pictures of your friends or pets.  I think that with some decent marketing and reasonably priced film that this might even appeal to kids in the digital age. The camera was simple to use with only three aperature settings for indoors, suuny, and cloudy. The flash always fired and there was no way to turn it off. It used two AA batteries.

I admit this camera isn't much to look at and I am not tempted in any way to use one myself.  I actually bought it because it had two packages of film with it.  Polaroid stopped making film for these in 2006.  The packages I got expired in 2004.  My guess would be that a person would be lucky to get any pictures from them.  However they sell for a decent price on Ebay. So that is probably where they will end up.