Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Balda Baldessa 1b

Produced: 1959
Lens: Baldanar 45mm f/2.8, probably 3 elements.
Shutter: Prontor-Svs, 1 to 1/300 and B.
Focus: Coupled Rangefinder
Exposure: Uncoupled selenium meter.
Film type: 35mm

The Baldessa 1b was the last in the Baldessa series.  Its key new feature was a uncoupled selenium exposure meter. I think this camera earns its place in most collections for its looks and design.  It is not reported to be anything special as far as image making goes.  Although I would not know from personal experience since this is another of my none functioning cameras.  The problem is that the film advance will not advance the film.  Everything else including the selenium meter seems to work.  I wouldn't mind being able to run some film though it sometime since it looks like it could be an enjoyable camera to use.  However the possibility of shooting with the Baldessa 1b hasn't so far been enough to motivate me into finding out about fixing it.  Still I do think that it very well qualifies as a camera to have around just for its looks.

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