Friday, October 5, 2012

Yashica Half 17 Rapid

Introduced: 1965
Lens: Six element Yashinon 32mm f/1.7
Format: 35mm half frame. Uses rapid film system.

The Yashica Half 17 Rapid is one of Yashica's contributions to the half frame craze of the 1960's. It uses the Rapid Film System instead of a 35mm cassette. Yashica also made a version using standard 35mm called the Yashica Half 17.  Besides the difference in film systems the Rapid version has a different exposure system.  The 35mm is fully auto exposure while the Rapid version has a choice of aperture/shutter speed combinations that are selected with the help of a selenium match needle meter.  The aperture/shutter speed settings run from f/1.7,1/30 to f/16,1/800. The film speed is set automatically from a speed setting on the rapid cassette. Focusing is by distance.  The Focusing range is from 2.5 feet to infinity.

Of all my broken cameras this is the one I would like to see working the most.  At the moment it has a stuck shutter that has defeated my limited skills in fixing such things.  The selenium meter still seems to work and the camera is pretty good shape.  So hopefully one day I will get it figured out.