Friday, June 8, 2012

Looks like a Visit to the Country in the 1940's

I don't think that many parents today would let young children sit where these kids are. Still looks like they are having a good time.  I wonder what all the glass jars are there for?  Maybe they made a lot of sun tea.

I didn't get many usable pictures off this roll.  Most were very out of focus or had cut the subject off too much.  Most of the problem seemed to be with close-ups.  Kinda reminds me of images taken with an Argus A.  Which could be the case considering the era and the popularity of that camera.

Looks like the kids are using bamboo fishing poles.  I remember when I was a child that we used one of these until we were considered ready for a real fishing pole.

Can't think of much to say about these pictures other then most of them appear to be from a visit to a place in the rural country. There are a few more images in the Visit to the Country Gallery.