Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Auto Yashinon-DX 1:2.8 f = 28mm

M42 Screw Mount
f/2.8 - 16
8 elements in 7 groups
Filter size 62mm
Minimum focus 0.4 m
Weight 260 g

I got this lens with the Yashica TL Super in the photo.  I think it was made sometime in the late 1960's or early 1970's.  One thing that is nice about this lens on an APS camera is that the focal length becomes 45mm.  So you pretty much have a standard lens.  At least it is nice if you like a standard lens which I do.  One problem I have read that people have with this lens on a DSLR is sometimes the rear lens element protrudes into the mirror.  I haven't had a problem with that on Canon DSLR's.  Still if you are thinking about getting one of these lens you should check what people say about this issue for your camera model. 

In operation I find the Auto Yashinon-DX 1:2.8 very pleasant to use.  It is a solid well-made lens that focuses smoothly.  It also has half f stops.  Typical of most Yashica lenses that I have used this is a sharp one.  Sometimes I find the color a little muted, but accurate. Contrast is good.  I find Yashica lenses to be excellent with B&W film although it looks like I haven't tried it with this one.  That is all I can think to say about this lens.  Below is the gallery so you can see for yourself.
Auto Yashinon-DX 1:2.8 Gallery