Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nikon AF210/Fun•Touch 3

Produced: 1994
Lens: 32mm f/4.5(3 elements)
Battery: 2 AA

The Fun Touch 3 is one of a series of entry level cameras that Nikon made in the 1990's.  The last one was the Fun Touch 6.  The Fun Touch 3 sold for around $60.  I'd say they were good value for the money at the time.  The Fun Touch 3 is extremely easy to use.  It has auto-loading and auto film winding.  The film speed is set by DX coding.  400 ISO is probably the best film to use. 

The camera fits easily into a pocket and feels comfortable in the hands.  The images it takes are decent enough.  I imagine that someone in 1994 who was looking for an inexpensive camera would have been happy with the Fun Touch 3.  And it looks like Nikon sold a lot of these Fun Touch cameras because they turn up frequently at garage sales. 

I think this is my favorite of the photos I took with the Fun Touch 3.

The Fun Touch 3 seems to be another one of those cameras whose pictures are mostly lacking in the features desired by lomo enthusiasts and are not good enough to be sought after by other film users.  It is the type of competent basic film camera for which there isn't much demand today.  So if you do decide you'd like to try one out be patient and one will likely turn up for very little.
Nikon AF210/Fun•Touch 3 Gallery 

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