Monday, July 2, 2012

An Eight Year-old Shows Interest in Film

I don't have much time for a post today since it is the last day of my brother's visit.  One interesting thing that happened is that my 8 year-old nephew noticed that I had some film laying about.  I was kinda surprised that he even knew what it was.  It turns out that some character in a book he was reading used film.  That made him curious about it so he read some about film online.

Later I asked him if he would like to use a film camera while he was here and he seemed excited about the idea.   So I did a mental inventory of the easy to use cameras that I had and figured that a Nikon Fun Touch 3 might work well for him.  He had fun shooting some pictures of my sister's horses and some other things that kids like to look at.  So today he is going back to North Carolina with some more film and a camera.  Hopefully he will continue to have some enjoyment of film.  It didn't seem to put him off when I told him that he would have to wait to have his film developed before he sees his pictures. 

I suppose this shows that my accumulation of garage sale point & shoots may have some point.  At least they give me a good supply of easy to use cameras for any young person who may have an interest in film.  And who knows maybe in a few of them that might spark a life-long interest in film. 

For the past week the road to the west has been blocked by the building of a new bridge.  It might be hard to tell, however it seems like a large bridge for such a small creek.  Still even in these times there always seems to be money for road projects around here.

This excavator has been doing a lot of the work.