Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some Black & White Images

Taken with an Argus A-Four on Premium 400.  I got this camera a while back mostly because it is an Argus and I like the name A-Four.  If you want to know more about the Argus A-Four I think it is covered well  here. Some people say that Arista.Edu Premium is actually Tri-X

If you know me well you would know that I tend to be a seasonal person.  I would guess that comes from growing up in the Midwest on a farm.  While I may use Black & White film at any time, my two main seasons for B&W are after Christmas until Spring and Mid-Summer until Fall. I offer no analyses for this  personal inclination.  Instead I am just saying that now is one of my black & white seasons.  And so today I am posting some B&W images from a variety of films and cameras.  Mostly these are cameras that so far haven't sustained my interest enough to make a post or gallery about them. 

Taken with Argus C4 on Kentmere 400.  I probably will do a post on the C4 one day since it is my favorite Argus.  After having tried some inexpensive 400 ISO films I decided to get a bulk roll of Kentmere 400. At times it is a little more grainy than I would like, however I think some of that is working out the best way to develop it .

Taken with Konica C35 AF the first auto focusing camera. It does a decent job, however for me I mostly have it because it was a first of its type and inexpensive to buy.  The film is Legacy Pro 100. I liked Legacy Pro 100 a great deal.  It worked well with Rodinal stand development. I made a mistake in not stocking up on it, thinking it would be available longer than it turned out to be. 

Taken with Minolta Maxxum 5000i on Fomapan 100.  I used the 35-80mm zoom which isn't highly regarded although some of the results weren't bad.  Fomapan 100 is another fairly inexpensive b&w film.

Canon T50 50mm f/1.8 using the reliable classic Kodak Tri-X.

Lastly, Sears 35 motor AF using Arista.Edu 400.  This camera is a typical 80's point & shoot.  Can't find much info on it.   Looks like it had some potential, however it stopped working about mid-way through the first roll.