Friday, January 18, 2013

Argus Dual 35

There isn't much information out about this camera. It was made in China for whoever owned the Argus name at the time. I would guess it was made sometime in the mid to late 1980's.  The lens is 38mm f/3.5.  It is fixed focused.

With the Argus Dual 35 you could take half frame or full frame images.  You made your choice by setting a dial on the top of the camera.  Most everything else about this camera you can probably figure out just by looking at the picture.  It is a typical 1980's point and shoot made somewhat unique by the half frame option.  There was at least one other half frame made during the time by Argus.  That is the Argus HFM II that I wrote about last year. I think the the Argus HFM II is a better picture taker.  Either camera won't cost you much if you can find one.  They don't appear to be much sought after and can often be had for less than $10.   Below are a few photos from the Argus Dual 35.

If you have an interest in half frame cameras here is one of the most complete listings that I have found.
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