Friday, January 25, 2013

Images from a Kodak Bullet Camera

Made: 1936 to 1942
Film Type: 127
Shutter speeds: B and 1/50
Original price: $3.00

I wrote some about this camera when I first got it last year. I liked it mostly for it looks and wasn't in a hurry to take pictures with it. Taking pictures only came to mind when I noticed that I had a couple of rolls of 127 film which I had made by re-spooling some 46mm Kodak Porta 160 to 127 backing paper. I just got the roll developed and am pleased with the images.  Probably not so much that I am in a hurry to re-spool more 127 for the Bullet camera, however as far as these experiments with cheap old cameras this one went better than most.  Here are a few of the images.