Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Found Film of the Year.

I have been catching up with some film scanning.  The first roll I got to was one that was in a Minolta Maxxum 7000 when I bought it last summer.  The film was Kodak Gold 800. Looks like someone started the roll with some kind of graduation thing and then put the camera aside permanently.

I did a little correction on the color shifts.  I would guess this film had set in the camera for at least ten years.

This is from a roll of Kodak Max 400 that I bought as expired last summer.  Since the leader was out and it was still in a canister I figured it had not been shot.  So I ran it though another camera and was surprised to see this image when I got the negatives back. It looks like someone didn't finish the roll and put it back into the cannister.  There are about ten frames that were exposed.  I wonder if anyone knows where this waterfall is?

Looks like another from a visit to the falls.  The film here had an expiration date of May/2000. I have used some other rolls from this batch, however this is the first that already had images on it.